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Automotive Locksmith:

It can happen to anyone broken keys, keys forgotten, and you are rushing to work or pick-up your children from school. No need to panic! At Affordable Automotive Locksmith we will get you out of the tangle. The good news is that we can do it without causing any damage to the bodywork. Replace lost or broken keys on the site, without a need to take out to a garage or a professional workshop.

The technology of most keys these days contain an sophisticated coded transponder chip that is recognized by the car when the key is placed in the ignition switch lock cylinder. If you lost or damaged your key, the chip needs to be replaced too. With Affordable Automotive Locksmith, our professional team is able to replace, on-site, transponder chip keys for all of the major car manufacturers.

One of the most common problems is a broken key. This type of damage is caused by many factors. Trying to fix or straighten a bent key usually causes more damage than it is worth. At Affordable Automotive Locksmith we can remove a broken key using various methods and tools.

Car key locksmith

Affordable Locksmith Services can replace and duplicate car keys

OEM car keys

Affordable Locksmith Services can duplicate most manufacturers car keys

Stolen Keys:

If your car keys have been stolen, we can make and replace it with a new transponder key for your vehicle. In any case, you will need to get new keys because the originals are still out there. Your vehicle and contents are still at risk!!!


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Vehicle Lockouts:

Affordable automotive locksmith are able to enter your vehicle using non destructive vehicle entry techniques i.e. lock picking or other methods of lock system manipulation. We are able to gain entry to most private vehicles using a mix of the correct vehicle entry tools and the correct lock picking techniques.

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