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Locksmith DC Services

At Affordable Locksmiths LLC, we can assist you with all of your needs regarding locks and keys. We provide locksmith DC services for residential, commercial and emergency needs throughout the Washington DC area. Whether you live in the heart of the metro area or in a suburb, one of our friendly, professional locksmiths can travel to your location without delay to provide you with the assistance you need.

Ours services include:

img-1 Residential
img-2 Commercial
img-3 Automotive
img-5 Emergency

Residential Commercial Automotive Emergency

Reliable Locksmith with Fast Response Times

Many of the calls that we receive for a locksmith DC each day are urgent in nature. These are calls from individuals who have locked their keys in the car, whose car key has broken off inside their ignition, whose key to the front door of their business is jammed and more. When these or other similar events occur, you simply do not have time to wait around for long hours for a locksmith DC to travel to your location and to provide assistance.

After all, when these or other events happen, you may not be able to drive your car, get into your house or office or perform other basic functions. In fact, your life may come to a standstill while you wait for help to arrive, so you certainly need to call a reliable locksmith with a fast response time. At Affordable Locksmiths LLC, we offer 24-hour emergency service for commercial, residential and automotive needs. With one call to our office, you can rest assured that help is on the way quickly.

Contact Us Today

For many years, the team of locksmiths at Affordable Locksmiths LLC has been assisting residents throughout the local area for all of their needs. While these needs often are urgent in nature, we also can assist with non-urgent needs. For example, you may be wondering how secure the locks on your home’s front door are, or you may need to rekey your locks after a roommate has moved out. Our locksmiths are up to any task. If you need the services of a locksmith today, you simply have to complete our online contact form, and we can call you to schedule an appointment. You can also call our office directly to schedule an appointment.

At affordable commercial locksmith, are dealing with corporate houses and business organizations. We are responsible for installing and maintenance of the lock facilities in such buildings and also repairing them in case of damages or in emergency cases.

We, the commercial locksmith in DC that are really best who can provide you complete satisfaction by ensuring extensive security through the installation of modern-technology facility oriented locking mechanism.

We at affordable commercial locksmith are your source for all types of locks, door hardware, and security solutions. We specialize in commercial work, and can develop solutions to whatever your needs are. Whether its electronic, mechanical, combination, card or digital keypad reader, magnetic or proximity scanners – we will work with you to create the system that is ideal for your application, and at the best possible price.

Our commercial services include:

No matter what kind of locksmith crisis you have, you are assured that affordable commercial locksmith will give you the best affordable solution!

District of Columbia

Washington DC – NW, NE, SW, SE: Hillcrest, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Mt Pleasant, Adams-Morgan, Cleveland Park, Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Anacostia, Chinatown, Embassy row.

Zip codes: Adams Morgan — zip code 20009 American University Park — zip code 20016 Arboretum — zip code 20002 Barnaby Woods — zip code 20015 Barry Farm — zip code 20020 Bellevue — zip code 20032 Benning — zip code 20019 Benning Heights — zip code 20019 Buena Vista — zip code 20020 Bloomingdale — zip code 20017 Brentwood — zip code 20722 Brightwood — zip code 20011 Brightwood Park — zip code 20011 Brookland — zip code 200 17 Burleith — zip code 20007 Burrville — zip code 20019 Buzzard Point — zip code 20024 Capitol Hill — zip codes 20002, 20003 Capitol View — zip code 20020 Cardozo — zip code 20001 Carver Langston — zip code 20002 Cathedral Heights — zip code 20016 Chevy Chase — zip code 20015 Cleveland Park — zip code 20008 Colonial Village — zip code 20012 Columbia Heights — zip code 20010 Congress Heights — zip code 20032 connecticut Avenue — zip code 20036Crestwood — zip code 20011 Deanwood — zip code 20019 Douglass — zip code 20020 Dupont Circle — zip code 20036 Dupont Park — zip code 20020 Eastland Gardens — zip code 20019 Eckington — zip code 20002 Edgewood — zip code 20017 Fairfax Village — zip code 20020 Fairlawn — zip code 20020 Fairmont Heights — zip code 20009 Foggy Bottom — zip code 20037 Forest Hills — zip code 20008 Fort Davis Park — zip code 20020 Fort Dupont — zip code 20019 Fort Lincoln — zip code 20018 Fort McNair — zip code 20319 Fort Stanton — zip code 20020 Fort Totten — zip code 20011 Foxhall Crescent — zip code 20007Foxhall Village — zip code 20007 Friendship Heights — zip code 20016 Garfield Heights — zip code 20020 Gateway — zip code 20018 Georgetown — zip code 20007 Georgetown Reservoir — zip code 20007 Glover Park — zip code 20007 Grant Park — zip code 20019 Greenway — zip code 20019 GWU — zip code 20037 Hawthorne — zip code 20015 Hillandale — zip code 20007 Hillbrook — zip code 20016 Hillcrest — zip code 20020 Historic Anacostia — zip code 20020 Howard University — zip code 20001 Ivy City — zip code 20002 Kalorama Heights — zip codes 20008, 20009 K Street — zip codes 20036, 20006 Kenilworth — zip code 20019 Kingman Park — zip code 20002 Knox Hill — zip code 20020 Lamond Riggs — zip code 20011 Lanier Heights — zip code 20009 Langdon — zip code 20018 Le Droit Park — zip code 20001 Lincoln Heights — zip code 20019 Lincoln Park — zip code 20002 Logan Circle — zip code 20001 Mahaning Heights — zip code 20016 Manor Park — zip code 20011 Marshall Heights — zip code 20019 massachusetts Avenue Heights — zip code 20007 Mayfair — zip code 20019 McLean Gardens — zip code 20016 michigan Park — zip code 20017 Mount Vernon Square — zip code 20001 Mt. Pleasant — zip code 20010 Navy Yard — zip code 20003 Naylor Gardens — zip code 20020 Near Southeast — zip code 20003 North Capitol Street — zip codes 20001, 20002 North Cleveland Park — zip code 20008 North Michigan Park — zip code 20017 North Portal Estates — zip code 20012 Palisades — zip code 20016 Park View — zip code 20010 Penn Branch — zip code 20019 Penn Quarter — zip codes 20001, 20004 Petworth — zip code 20011 Pleasant Hill — zip code 20020 Pleasant Plains — zip code 20010 Queens Chapel — zip code 20011 Randle Highlands — zip code 20020 River Terrace — zip code 20019 Shaw — zip code 20001 Shepherd Park — zip code 20012 Sheridan — zip code 20011 Shipley Terrace — zip code 20020 Southwest Employment Area — zip code 20024 Southwest — zip code 20024 Southwest Waterfront — zip code 20024 Spring Valley — zip code 20016 Stanton Park — zip code 20002 Summit Park — zip code 20009 Takoma — zip code 20012 Tenleytown — zip code 20016 Trinidad — zip code 20002 Truxton Circle — zip code 20017 T wining — zip code 20020 Union Station — zip code 20002 University Heights — zip code 20017 Van Ness — zip code 20008 Washington Highlands– zip code 20032 Wesley Heights — zip code 20016 West End — zip code 20037 Woodland-Normanstone Terrace — zip code 20008 Woodley Park — zip code 20008 Woodland — zip code 20008 Woodridge — zip code 20018.


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