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Commercial Locksmith DC

We know how to deal with commercial clients, who are looking for the best locksmith all over DC. Our services for the commercial customer includes almost any kind of fix or install security system.
Affordable commercial locksmith in DC experienced team deals whatever it takes to solve any case with the most professional skills all over the area. You can be sure that Affordable DC commercial locksmith are the finest in skilled, experienced and trustworthy locksmith technicians who are experts with all aspects of commercial locksmith needs. Our name is our concept, to be affordable and trusted by the clients. All of the work we do, made with the high end equipments and materials.

Your business is safe by our following services.


Door lockslever


Lock workDetex


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Interchangeable Core Cylinder Concept:

figure-eight shape cylinder, unlike a standard key cylinder  designed to be be extracted from one lock type  and then installed into another without requiring the removal or disassemble of any single component. IC Cores are the quickest and easiest solutions for businesses and government use!



Emergency Services


Call Us Now at ​202-684-7984 to talk immediately with one of our 24\7 customer service.