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Residential Locksmith DC

Affordable DC residential locksmith offers a huge variety of locksmith services to all over the DC area. We can install, repair, duplicate and replace locks from almost any kind, and our professional team is able to deal with any security system. Our service includes, repairing and installing custom security doors, including garage doors, and integrate any access mechanism. We have wide range of knowledge duplicating your key or making new identical one. As Part of our main locksmith services, Affordable DC residential locksmith offers an Expert Lock Picking, Key Cutting, Lock Repair, Door Lock Installation and a lot more.

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No Need To Panic

If you find yourself locked out or in of your home or your store, call immediately to our well trained Team, an Expert locksmith will have you back inside or release you out in no time. Our locksmith experts has a lot of experience ,and well skilled with those kind of situations.


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Cut A Key To My Door

At affordable DC residential locksmith, We are cutting a key for any lock. There are situations That happens a lot when the key was lost, broken, or just one was left to use. Thats where we are coming, sometimes our clients can’t believe how accurate we can cut there keys.


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Fix My Lock

If your door lock was damaged it’s not an issue, Affordable DC residential locksmith Experts are offering a fast door lock repairing, as well as door lock replace with a Quick and reliable service. Also, we are offering a high level of security locks that can be added in addition to old ones.  In Washington DC,  you may find all kinds of hardware on residential doors. most of the older buildings in town still use commercial hardware as Mortise Lockset  and old fashion jimmy proof locks. Yale is the leader brand when it comes to Jimmy Proof locks, they known to be found on apartment doors and single home wooden doors or iron gates. We have all the equipment needed to repair those and we also carry some replacement in stock so each job can be done with one trip only.  Mortise Lockset Mechanism may be found on older apartment homes in the city, attached pictures below to explain how the lock set actually work. It known to be the most secure lock mechanism for residential doors. Affordable Locksmiths, LLC technician are highly trained and certified to work with ant malfunction that might accrue with mortise locksets.

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 Jimmy Proof Double Sided “Yale”                            Mortise Lockset Mechanism: Lock Body, Mortise Lock Cylinder &  Handle Trim

Our list of locksmith services:

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