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Residential Locksmith

Your home is your fortress, and it is very important to you to feel safe. Affordable Residential Locksmith is offering a professional service to get you a tight sleep. With a 24-hour service, you just call and get our reliable technical team. Affordable Residential Locksmith builds a tailor made solution to your property size and requirements.

There are lots of residential locksmith manufacturers in the world. a wide range of brands and manufacturers making the locks which are specially designed for taking care of the home. The perfect satisfaction of the customer is the combination between the right product to the right client, and that is exactly our goal. If you are locked outside. It could happen to anyone. Just call the Affordable Residential Locksmith in this emergency situation.


Mul – T – Lock Hi Security Locks
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Mortise Lock set + Trim
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Jimmy Proof “Yale” Single Sided

Ready to Respond & Feel More Secure

We are always ready to respond to your call. We know that your time is very precious, and in emergency situations it even more, so don’t hesitate to call us for an emergency and we will be happy to take care on your situation, we are available 24 hours 7 days a week. Our mobile locksmith technicians specialize in installing a high quality lock products and other home security systems that will keep intruders out. We will make your doors, gates, or windows more secure.

Also we are Installing non emergency products, like keyless entry systems, rekeying locks, remote entry systems, lock replacement, new home rekeying, decorative hardware and locks, door installation and repair, safe sales and installation, strike master kick-in repair and replacement, bio technology locks (fingerprint access) and door and latch repair.

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Decorative Handle Set Different Brands, Different Finish. Patio Door Decorative Handle Using “Profile Cylinder” Single or Double Sided.


Handle Any Situation

We should be in a position to handle any situation; this means that the locksmith is responsible for carrying any tools that may be needed to complete any job. Professional residential locksmiths that are specifically designed to open different kinds of locks use the equipment.

If you need information, ask for advice regarding your home security. If you feel that your home is not safe, then you should call us and ask for ideas on how to secure your home. A professional residential locksmith can even consult you on which places to install surveillance cameras or even floodlights, and which brand has the best equipment


Re Key Locks

Rekeying normally refers to the ability to change a lock so that a different key may operate it. Rekeying is done when a lock owner may be concerned that unauthorized persons have keys to the lock, so the lock may be altered by a locksmith so that only new keys will work. Rekeying is the relatively simple process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock so a new key will function while the old one will not. Rekeying is done without replacement of the entire lock. We will supply new kews with each re key job, some locks can be rekeyed to the same master key. In some cases, master key system will be highly recommended with key schedule and charts.

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Pinning Kit “Universal Lab Kit” Bottom Pins, Top Pins, Springs. Re Keying Tools.


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